Honing is a process that provides a desired dimensional and surface finish form on cylindrical bores by the use of a rotating tool with dedicated abrasives to remove metal. Typical surface finishes < 0.1 Ra can be achieved.


Working from a central axis of rotation cylindrical grinding grinds the external diameter (OD) of a component. Used where concentricity to other features such as bores is critical. A typical surface finish would be between 0.2 – 0.4 Ra as ground. Finer finishes < 0.1 Ra would then be achieved by using subsequent polishing operations.


Unlike cylindrical grinding, centreless grinding is a form of grinding where there are no centres holding the object in place. Instead, it uses a regulating wheel positioned on the opposite side of the object to the grinding wheel. Concentricity is not critical. Combined with centreless polishing surface finishes of < 0.1 Ra can be achieved.

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