TDCP’s Chromefree Project: 3rd Quarter Findings

Tewkesbury Diamond Chrome Plating is pleased to announce some exciting news regarding our Chromefree project. We have now completed the 3rd quarter of the project and are fast approaching the final stage.

Project Manager Andrew Burt states, “[the project] is an opportunity to further our experience and credentials in research and development. There is a clear need to develop a CrVI (hexavalent chrome) free replacement for conventional hard chrome, as EU REACH legislations restrict the usage of certain SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) – CrVI is one of these substances.”

In summary, we have found that nickel coatings prove to be tremendously corrosion resistant. These preliminary results are very positive, and we are confident that the process works. Nickel coatings could be extremely useful in environments such as offshore, where salt (chloride) readily attacks chrome plate, or within applications such as pumps for corrosive substances. Click here to read the full report.

It will be interesting to discover where Q4 takes us. The project has been extremely interesting and rewarding so far, and it is looking likely that our aim to find a hexavalent chrome free alternative to chrome plate could be achieved. Watch this space for our final report…

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